AMACCAO Pile supplies reinforced concrete piles products

AMACCAO Pile is a factory specializing in the production of centrifugal round pile products, pre-stressed square piles, pre-stressed sheet pile piles of various types and sizes. In particular, we accept the production orders according to the requirements of each customer and each project.

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With a system of modern machinery and equipment imported from Europe, which is operated by leading experts from European countries, with a modern production process of international quality standards, pile products reinforced concrete of AMACCAO Joint Stock Company (AMACCAO Pile) in particular and AMACCAO Group in general always meets the most stringent requirements.

A corner of AMACCAO Pile’s factory space with modern machinery

Not only that, with perfect service quality, from order processing, shipping to after-sales service, committed to accompanying customers to handle arising problems quickly and effectively, AMACCAO Pile has been winning the trust of all partners, customers at home and abroad.

AMACCAO centrifugal circular piles are ready to be transported to the site

We believe that, with outstanding product quality, AMACCAO centrifugal round piles, AMACCAO pre-stressed square piles, AMACCAO pre-stressed sheet piles will accompany the construction, large and small projects throughout the country and enduring with time.








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